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BSL New Season 2017/2018 Registration

Date Published 8/16/2017

Bangkok Soccer League

Dear Colleagues, Parents, players and friends,

Welcome back! Hope that all of you had a great summer break with family and friends.
BSL returns on Saturday August 26th with Registration,Open sessions and Teams formation.
Come Join the love of soccer and the Fun!!! Boys and Girls. 4 years old to 18 Years old

On line Registration is open NOW. Returning members/Players, just need to sign in, update the information, and enroll. A 3 minutes process. See more registration details below.
Registration at BSL on Aug. 26th, Sep. 2nd, Sep. 9th, and the Saturdays to follow.

This upcoming season, we will try to provide soccer sessions to BSL players on every Saturday. No Saturday off, beside School Long holidays or national holidays.

This season we will aim to offer more for all of our age groups whilst continuing to provide great value and the welcoming family atmosphere that we think makes BSL unique among youth football clubs in Bangkok. We are also lucky to have some of the finest football facilities in BKK.

Bring your friends. More friends, More fun. Please forward this information to your networking groups.

BSL home is at the excellent facilities, at the Sports Complex of Bangkok Patana School.

Please see the High Level Draft Program for BSL 2017/18 Season (August 2017 - April 2018)

1. BSL would be offeringRecreational, Community and Competitive soccer on Saturdays to all age groups. BSL would provide soccer to all players at their respective age no matter what is their level. All players would be assigned to teams in their level.
2. BSL would select players for a competitive soccer at all age groups.
Competitive friendly games, and leagues will be played on Saturdays after the community games for the respective age group. More details about the competitive program would be provided later.
3. Midweek training on Wednesdays for younger age groups Mini Kickers/U7/U9/U11/U12 boys and girls
4. Our aim is to haveGirls teamsat all age Groups U9, U11, U13, U15 and U17
Only for Girls!!! The first International Girls Tournament in South East Asia just for girls.
BSL International Girls Football Festival (Jan 20, 21 2018)

5. BSL Community teams (Shamrock, Tigers, Gunners, Eagles, Warriors, Hammers, Lions and Cubs)
6. U12 age group would join U13 for 11 aside training and games. U12 players would have the privilege to join U11 for 7 aside training and games.
7. CUP days for younger age groups, mini Kickers, U7/U9/U11/U12, and Girls, and Mini tournaments for older age groups U13, U15, U18 (December 2017 and April 2018)
8. Participation in local International Tournaments such as BSS International (Dec 2017, June 2018).
9. Sending competitive teams to select local andoverseas Tournaments.
10. BSL International Youth Football Festival (March 3, 4 2018). The largest Youth soccer tournament in Thailand.
11. Its BSL turn to host the prestige SEA CUP Tournament in Bangkok (March 17, 18 2018)
12. Skills training to all players at all age groups is continue to be provided by hired professional coaches. Goalkeepertraining to all age groups by professional goalie coaches.
13. This coming season, we are looking for more involvement of the BSL community with parents coaching, assistant coach, teams parents, Website admins, Photographers, and other.

BSL would like to offer youth coaching course to parents, who would like to be coaches and coaches assistant at BSL. If you are interested to join the Coaching course, please let us know.
The Coaching course will be at BSL on Saturdays morning during the BSL activity, and will be conducted by Coach Andrew. A License coach at BSL.

Please step forward and volunteerto assist with any daily task BSL needs.
You can Volunteer by checking the box during on-line registration, or reply to this email.

Registration process:
As at previous season, we will register players for the new BSL season at the BSL web site.
Please do register online, print out registration forms, and bring them on Saturdays morning.
We ask ALL players to register on-line, as lists will be provided to the coaches before the session in order to form the teams.

Registration is very simple, both for existing members and for newcomers.
An option to pay the registration on-line by credit card has been added as well.
It may save some lines and time at the registration at BSL on Saturdays.

For those who registered last season you simply do the following:
Click on the Registration link from the BSL home page, and sign in as a member using your ID and password - the website will help you if you have forgotten your password :-)
Update the profile of your son/daughter by clicking on the Enroll New Season link
Complete the updated player details - which may simply be a case of changing the age group that they will play this coming season, and their new grade.
Submit the form
Pay on-line or choose to pay at BSL in cash. Please note that on-line payment will be open only next week, as we have some technical issues.
Print out the form with the new player information and bring it along with you to BSL on August 26th, September 2nd, 9th, and the Saturdays to follow.
If you are new to BSL or did not register last season, just follow the instructions above but register as a member in the first instance, and then register your player(s) following the sequence above. Click on the link below to go to registration page at BSL web site.


Age groups and fees:

Listed below are the age group cut offs, Saturday session times and whole season registration fees - including one playing kit - for each age group.

The session times and fees for each age group are as follows:
Registration fees are for the BSL season on Saturdaysfrom August 2017 to April 2018

Girls U9/U11(born on/after 1st September 2006)- 8:00am (5,000 Baht)
Girls U13 (born on/after 1st September 2004)- 8:00am(5,000 Baht)
Girls U15/U17(born on/after 1st September 2000)- 8:00am(5,000 Baht)
Mini Kickers (born after 1st September 2012) - 8:00am(4,500 Baht)
U7 (born after 1st September 2010) - 8:00am(4,500 Baht)
U9 (born on/after 1st September 2008) - 8:00am(6,000 Baht)
U11 (born on/after 1st September 2006) - 9.30am(6,000 Baht)
U12(born on/after 1st September 2005) - 8:00am(7,500 Baht)
U13 (born on/after 1st September 2004) - 8:00am(7,500 Baht)
U15/U16 (born on/after 1st September 2001) - 9.30am(7,500 Baht)
U18 (born on/after 1st September 1998) - 9:30am(7,500 Baht)

*U12/U13/U15/U16/U18 11 aside soccer training and games
*U12 players can choose to join U11 sessions at 9:30am

* August born players can choose to play one age group down.

Midweek Training:

Midweek Wednesdays 4:30pm - 6:00pm training sessions for the first term(Aug. - December 2017)
August – 30
September – 6,13,20,27
October – 4,11,18
November – 1,8,15,22,29
December – 6,13

Midweek Training fees 2,500 Baht per term. Payment at the pitch on Wednesdays

* Additional Select teams fees would be charged to players, who would be selected and sign up forthe extra competitive program.

(Additional select team kit will be provided. More training,games and leagues on Saturdays)

You can find the full BSL schedule and events at:
League games schedule at:

More information and registration can be found at :
If youhave a question, concern, suggestions,or just need more information, please see us at BSL, or send an email to

Very much looking forward to welcoming you all back to BSL.

BSL Chairman


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